Things To Do / Activities / Attractions in Sun Valley, Idaho

Are you looking for fun things to do around Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho? Check out our helpful local area guide below that includes transportation options, restaurant recommendations, where to rent skis, bike, and other outdoor sports equipment, and many of the attractions and activities that this wonderful place offers. All of our vacation rentals are conveniently located near all of these great things to do in Sun Valley for people of all ages, as we work hard to make your stay with family and friends in this beautiful area a wonderful experience. Also, check out our recommended summer vacation and winter vacation activities around Sun Valley.

Summer Activities

Sun Valley is unbeatable in summer! With comfortable mountain temperatures, all season long enjoying the outdoors is easy. Whether you bike, hike, fish or golf there is something for you to enjoy in Sun Valley!

Winter Activities

Discover a variety of fun and exciting winter activities in Sun Valley Idaho. From the ski resort that made this valley famous to fine dining options, there is so much to do, see and explore this winter on your Sun Valley vacation.